Why do I take photos, why do we take photos?

Recently I have been thinking about times in my life when I have or haven't taken lots of pictures. Wondering if there is a pattern, looking to see if there is something I can do to develop more consistency, and see if there are things I can do to make the end to end process smoother.

I am not a full time photographer - as you can probably tell from my site - but I am a bit more than a hobbyist. Especially when I get  backstage at London Fashion Week a couple of times a year. 

Why I think we take pics:
1) Showing an event from our particular point of view - share interests and ideas. Anything from producing an art photo book to sharing images on social media.
2) Capturing an important instance in time - a record. From year books to full photo journalism.
3) Creating art or at least a moment worthy of a wall or book from an aesthetic point of view. From fine art through simply to 'showing off' technique and equipment. 

Who do we take pics for:
We take images to remember and to be remembered. Much like writers who paint in words or artists who sculpt in wood a photographer leaves a mark in light. But how do we ensure that mark, assuming it is worth leaving, for our families, friends and followers, endures? 
Websites and URLs disappear unless we plan a foundation to take over when we shuffle from this moral coil. Hard drives and DVDs degrade. 

originalarchive one day might be a place where a photographer can submit their best 100 images and those will be kept online forever as a time-capsule and record of everyone who classes themselves a photographer. Those 100 images, a pic, a URL they used (for google page archives), a list of any books they published, a photo, and brief bio. A wiki of only photographers. 

I wonder if it would work. I wonder if it's worth pursuing. To be revised. 
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